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Heading Home!

Today is the day that I head back to Uganda, my home! I’ve enjoyed being back in the US for the last two months.

God provided new opportunities for me to share with additional churches and small groups as well as updating churches/groups who continue to support DLM. God has worked through each speaking engagement- big and small- to cover the expenses for the Kabowa Women's Outreach, Kabowa Slum Children's Outreach, and Kabowa Medical Outreach for 2018!!

DLM’s 5K proceeds benefit the Feeding Program, and we are so excited that God provided abundantly more this year through the fundraiser to cover the Feeding Program for 2018!!

I’m thankful for each opportunity to be able to share what God is doing in the Kabowa Community in Uganda. He has allowed me, through each of you, to be apart of His work there for the past 2 years! I’m so thankful for everyone who is on this journey with DLM! I look forward to being back home in Uganda and jumping into the routine of ministering and loving on the women and children. Please continue to follow us on Facebook and our website for updates!

We appreciate all the love, prayers, encouragement, and support.

Love to you all!

Auntie Cici

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