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DLM's Weekly Adventures!

Monday, March 5th Today’s adventure started off with getting firewood for the school which the children always love to help unload. Once that was finished, the rest of the afternoon was spent in the doctor’s office with Marco, Juma, and Favor! Marco, the boy with the foot/ankle problem, has been referred to a hospital for further treatment. The doctor said it’s possibly just an infection. Juma’s visit was for his legs. They are extremely bowed out, and someone mentioned that it could be Rickets. Sure enough, it is. We are waiting for his blood work to determine treatment. I didn’t realize it, but during his exam, we discovered he also has fluid built up behind his ear drum. Poor Juma can’t even hear well. I even told him today that he wasn’t listening to me, but in reality, he really couldn’t hear everything I said...he just nodded right along as if he could. He is being referred to an ENT to see about putting in a tube to remove the fluid. Favor also had a follow up appointment, and she is malnourished which is possibly because her metabolism is high according to the doctor. The doctor gave me a contact of someone who might be able to visit our school and check the children for malnutrition which would be a blessing. The boys follow up appointments will most likely be next week. I arrived home after taking the kids to the clinic and then back to Kabowa at 7pm. Tomorrow is the women’s outreach! I’m looking forward to being back with the women since returning!

Tuesday, March 6th Rainy season is here folks! It was raining this morning at 10AM, the time I meet with the women. I felt for sure that we would have to cancel because only a few would show up. Around 10:45am, I was called back to the church to find about 8 ladies there waiting. So we did meet after all! There were only 10 of us, but it was good. God showed His Glory! The women explained how grace works. Last year, they said they believed you were only forgiven for each and every sin you repented for. But today, they proclaimed when they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior in their hearts, God has forgiven past, present, and future sins through Jesus! Praise the Lord that these ladies have opened their hearts to Him, and that God has moved and shown them the truth. So powerful! Glory be to God! The remainder of the day was spent at a nearby clinic for testing another little boy and girl for sickle cell anemia and taking care of some feeding program and administrative items.

Wednesday, March 7th DLM was so blessed by Dr. Franklin and his nurse, Penny, today at the school! Dr. Franklin and Penny came and assessed all 300 kids to determine who had ringworm, pointed out other needs for a few children, and advised how to go about getting treatment. They also brought many tubes of ringworm cream for the nearly 70 kids that have it. I was linked with Dr. Franklin through 2 volunteers a few months ago. Thank you, Tiffany and Bailey, for the connection! Dr. Franklin and Penny were an answer to prayer. Dr. Franklin works with a tour company that takes people on safaris. That’s how he is able to fund the free clinics he does. Praise the Lord for your work, Dr. Franklin!! May God continue to bless you, dear.

Friday, March 9th The barber came today to trim the heads of those with ringworm. He wasn't able to trim all 70 today, so he will finish on Monday. We will then start treatment with the cream Dr. Franklin gave us. We also had many giggles talking with the older girls and explaining a little about puberty! They’re all excited to get deodorant in the coming week! I was able to read a Bible story to a class today, too! About 115 kids brought their signed forms back allowing them to be tested for HIV, and several said they left theirs at home. I was quite surprised just how many parents wanted their child to be tested. A lot of time today was spent organizing the forms so we will know which ones to test next Thursday. Excited kids running to hug you plus those kids wearing tennis shoes equals a toe injury! The joys of little ones!!

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