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DLM Newsletter September 2023

Saturday, September 9, 2023

One of the groups of secondary boarding kids went back to school today. Brian took them along with their parents/sibling. This is beginning their 3rd and final term of the 2023 school year. I will see them on their visitation day which will likely be in October. The term will end the beginning of December.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Third term for many schools began today. Our primary sponsored children are going back to school for the last term of this school year. Mama Fab, DLM's employee, is there to manage the Educational Sponsorship Program. She is making sure the children are returning to school and also checking on them if they haven't yet come back to school. She will also make sure they have supplies for this term. When I return, I'll meet with the school's administrator to pay school fees and lunch and to handle other administrative issues.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Our second group of secondary boarding students went back to school today for the third term! Unfortunately, Mama Fab was unable to get a picture of them.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

After almost 3 months being in America on medical leave, I began the journey back to Uganda and arrived on Monday, September 25. Mama came back with me!

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

After resting, Mama and I along with Mama Fab began cleaning and organizing the house in preparation for our very first visitor who is coming next week! No pictures because we were so busy!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

It's been another working day! Power was out for a few hours, which stalled our washing loads of laundry in the washing machine.

Mama Fab cleaned out the office and swept and mopped the guest bedroom.

Mama and I put mosquito nets on the main doors and filled in the gaps on the sides of the doors. We've had afternoon showers the past two days.

The animals are so happy that I'm home, especially my German Shepherd, Shadow!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Mama experienced her first thunderstorm in the new house on the hill, and she said, "South Georgia thunderstorms don't have anything on the rains down in Africa!!!!!" :)

Friday, September 29, 2023

Progress in the making!

We tackled the office and now have it nicely organized.

I trimmed Shadow’s hair because I don’t have a groomer. Haha!

The view never gets old, especially the sunsets.

We cooked homemade tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes and onions and ate with fusilli noodles and garlic bread. It was delicious!

Glory to God for the progress we’ve made!

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mama Fab, Mama, and I sorted through donated clothing and shoes today. Mama Fab picked out some goodies, including my old pageant shoes! 😂 These donations were given to a member of the church I attend and will be distributed to a kids' home in Kampala.

We continued to wash bedsheets and clothing until we lost power for about 4 hours. We’ve lost power for a few hours every day except yesterday.

Mama Fab cooked cassava and mukene (small silver fish) for herself. Mama and I did not eat it! Haha. Stewed mukene, tomatoes, and onions made into a sauce can feed four people for 500 Ugandan shillings (15 cents). This is the same price as 1 egg. Mukene is a cheap protein option for people here in Uganda. My animals also enjoy mukene! 😂

The last two pictures capture the oldest and youngest of my five cats. America, the oldest one, (7.5 years) is holding down and grooming the younger one (4 months). The younger one was very content and not even trying to get away, even though he appears to be trying to get away in the photos!


Delight in the Lord Ministries continues to fundraise for the cost ($850,000) of building the DLM Primary Boarding School. This school will be built on the 17 acres where the ministry home (my new residence) is located in the village of Migamba. Just this month, DLM received a $25,000 donation and a $1,000 donation specifically for the building campaign. We also recently welcomed a new DLM giver who gave $1,000 to the building program, and we continue to be blessed by DLM supporters who give a total of $2,800 each month to the building program. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!!! The first building to be built will be the cafeteria/pavilion and is estimated to cost $65,000. Please continue to pray with us that the Lord will provide full funding for the school. More details about the boarding school can be found on our website:

Ways to Support Delight in the Lord Ministries National Christian Foundation Charityproud

Check out our website for additional information about DLM!

Please share DLM with family and friends!

Soli Deo Gloria ~ Glory to God Alone


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