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DLM's History

In November of 2015, God allowed Delight in the Lord Ministries to become a registered 501(c)(3) organization. In February of 2016, I returned to Uganda with a plan to stay for 6 months to see if this was really where God was calling me. The rest is history… :) 


From the very beginning, God has poured out his financial blessings upon Delight in the Lord Ministries (DLM) and has provided so many opportunities for me here in Uganda. Here is a short summary of the work God has allowed Delight in the Lord Ministries to accomplish to date.


In 2016 we were supporting 4 boys through our Educational Sponsorship program and doing three other outreach programs in the Kabowa Community (Kabowa School Feeding Program, Slums Outreach, and Women’s Ministry). At that time, DLM was partnering with a Ugandan organization, and through this organization I was able to obtain a work permit, allowing me to legally stay in the country to volunteer. In October 2018, Delight in the Lord Ministries became a registered NGO in Uganda, allowing me to operate under a work permit from Delight in the Lord Ministries.


Over the next few years, our Kabowa School Feeding Program grew from 70 to 130 to over 300 children. These children were provided a hot lunch every day at school. This program continued until August of 2019. Due to liability issues we were advised to discontinue working with the Slums Outreach in 2018. The Women’s Ministry dwindled down to just a couple of women and that came to an end in 2018 as well. 


Our Educational Sponsorship program has grown from 4 boys to our current group of 76 children. We currently have 69 individuals who sponsor one, two, or three children. The sponsorship provides free tuition, two uniforms, a pair of shoes, a bookbag, and school supplies. We are also sponsoring a young lady who is attending technical school. Children and families in our Educational Sponsorship program also receive assistance with medical and dental needs.


The most important outreach, of course, is teaching children Biblical truths through weekly Bible study and sharing the Gospel to those within my reach. Every year each 4th grader receives a Bible from Delight in the Lord Ministries. Since 2017, I have been hosting weekly Bible studies with different grade levels. We gather at the school, so when COVID-19 hit, I was not able to meet with the children on a regular basis. However, at the beginning of this school year, I was able to hold the Bible study until the schools were closed again. I am eager to start again. 


Since the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic began in March of 2020, we have experienced governmental enforced lockdowns, schools have been closed and my ability to do outreach has been limited. Despite these limitations, God has provided ways for me to share the gospel and for this ministry to reach those in need. 


As we begin the new year, Delight in the Lord Ministries (DLM) begins its 7th year of ministry in Uganda, Africa. DLM is a faith-based, non-profit organization registered in the US and in Uganda. DLM’s vision is to establish a Christian boarding school that provides a nurturing environment, offers a Christian based education, and teaches Biblical discipleship for the sponsored children. After a four year search, the Lord provided 17 acres of the most fertile, beautiful land. As we move into 2022, we trust that God will provide the funding for a DLM ministry home and for the Delight in the Lord Primary Boarding School. Please continue to pray as we walk in faith and obedience to the Lord.


I would not be telling the truth if I said everyday is wonderful here in Uganda, Africa, but while each day brings enough troubles of its own, God continues to renew, refresh, and remind me each day that His mercies are new each morning and that living in His calling on my life is the safest place I can be! I am humbled to be living out the desires God planted in my heart all those years ago when He spoke His calling into a sassy, little Southern girl that thought her grandma could teach her everything she needed to know! He never ceases to amaze me as I seek to follow and obey Him daily. 


We give God all the honor and glory for the abundant blessings that He has poured out to this ministry. “I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.” Psalm 9:1

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