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Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock, especially appreciated stock, provide a unique tax advantage where you can transfer stock directly to

Delight in the Lord Ministries and miss out on capital gains while also claiming the tax-deduction from the amount transferred.

For more information, please see National Christian Foundation's article on "Stock giving: A smarter way to make an impact."

To gift stock to DLM through National Christian Foundation, please see "Instructions for Giving Stock and Mutual Funds."

Gifts of Appreciated Assets such as Real Estate, Retirement Accounts and Estate

You can gift many types of appreciated assets to Delight in the Lord Ministries such as real estate, Roth IRAs, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.

Please feel free to contact Cindy Williams, Giver Services Coordinator, National Christian Foundation - Georgia,

by phone (678)892-1868 or by email or see your personal financial advisor.

Life Insurance and Estate/Will

Life insurance policies can be created with Delight in the Lord Ministries as the beneficiary.

Leaving Delight in the Lord Ministries in your will is a great way to continue your legacy.

We would appreciate the opportunity to document and plan for a gift of life insurance or the gift of being in your will.

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