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Building Program

The Vision

The VISION is to build a Boarding School!


  • Each child will have an individual bed with a standard mattress, bed sheets, a pillow, a blanket and a mosquito net. Each dormitory will have private showers inside while the toilets are located in separate buildings between the dorms and the classrooms. Children will enjoy three hearty, nutritious meals a day.


  • Medical care will be provided with a full time nurse on campus, access to a local clinic within a couple of miles, and access to a referral hospital within five miles. Within the dormitories, children will sleep under a mosquito net to avoid malaria. Clean drinking water will be provided to avoid typhoid.


  • The children will have a qualified primary teacher who will be able to meet the different needs of the children. The classroom will be spacious enough with proper desks for each child. With individual workbooks, students will spend less time copying notes and more time learning the content.


  • The children will attend a weekly church service in our chapel and will hear true Biblical doctrine each week. Daily devotions and prayer time will teach them the importance of glorifying God, which is our purpose in life. They will have their own Bible to grow in their relationship with the Lord and knowledge of Him.

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