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2023 End of Year Giving Update


The building of the ministry home was completed in May! We give God the Glory! I was able to move into the ministry home in June. Our next big project is to complete major work on the road leading to the main gate and on the road within the compound that will cost $15,000. This project needs to be done after the rainy season in January.

The Delight in the Lord Primary Boarding School is projected to cost $850,000. The teacher latrines were built prior to the ministry home as required by the government. The next building to be constructed for the boarding school is the outdoor kitchen/pavilion with an estimated cost of $65,000.

So many of you have given generously, and we are so grateful. We are asking you to pray and consider giving specifically to the next phase of building or even becoming a monthly building partner. We are trusting God in the process and in His great plan!

Scan the QR code to see pictures and floor plans of the boarding school.


The most important and my most enjoyable part of serving through Delight in the Lord Ministries (DLM) is discipling the children in Christ. Every child who attends Bible Study receives an English Bible. The focus this year has been on the attributes of God. The children are taught to always search the scriptures. Most children attend local churches that are teaching the prosperity gospel or attend the local mosque. Earlier this year, a former Bible study child said to me, “I can now differentiate false teachers from the true teachers.”

A few of the Primary 7 Bible study boys are so eager to hear the Truth that they ask to attend my church. With parents’ permission, I take them along with Mama Fab, our only employee for the ministry, to my church which is Gospel centered. These children and Mama Fab are learning the Truth through DLM’s weekly Bible study and Sunday sermons.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: even when he is old he will not depart from it.”. Arnold is an 18 year old sponsor child who was a part of Bible Study for over three years. While attending secondary school this year, a friend made an unbiblical statement; he was able to show her scripture that corrected her position. Our vision of discipling children to go and share the Truth with others is coming to fruition. It really is amazing how God uses our humble efforts to fulfill his purposes. All glory to God!


Over 70 Ugandan children are sponsored to attend local primary and secondary schools. Each sponsorship pays for full tuition, lunch, some school supplies, a new school uniform, a new sportswear uniform, and a new pair of shoes, as needed. We praise God for those individuals participating in our educational sponsorship outreach. Depending on responses from current educational sponsors, we may have several children awaiting a sponsor for 2024. If you would like to participate in the ministry in this way, please contact us.


DLM provides medical care for our educational sponsor children and families. A visit to the local clinic includes a consultation, lab work, and prescribed medications. The diagnosis is usually malaria or a bacterial infection. DLM also provides daily medication for three children with sickle cell anemia which costs $15 to $30 a month per child.

Let me introduce you to Charles, the 52 year old brother to Mama Fab. Charles is a taxi driver and began having back pain in January. In June while loading a passenger’s belongings on top of the taxi, he immediately experienced excruciating pain in his back that affected his ability to walk upright and to continue working. Despite numerous visits to the governmental hospital, the treatments were not effective.

2023 End of Year Giving


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