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DLM's August 2020 Update!

Covid-19 Update

  • As of August 24th, Uganda has a total of 2,426 positive cases of the Corona Virus with 25 deaths.

  • We expect the President to speak soon to give more guidelines since the numbers have spiked in the past couple weeks.

  • I haven't been able to go to Kabowa since group gatherings are still not permitted, and as soon as the kids see my van, we will not be able to social distance!

  • My church is having online Zoom services each Sunday; we get to go in our pajamas! :)

Cold-Case Christianity For Kids

  • I've been reading the adult version of Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace.

  • Along with it is a Kid's Book which takes kids through an "academy" where they learn to "investigate Jesus with a real detective".

  • I've been going through the book with my housekeeper and two security guards. They have note sheets to fill in and even homework! :)

  • We have so much fun!!!

Medical Outreach

  • We've continued covering medical fees for our sponsor children, their families, and other Ugandans.

  • Many cases of Malaria have been treated as well as a few cases of typhoid.

  • Even the removal of a bad tooth that was causing lots of pain!

  • Most recently, my housekeeper's mother received a diagnosis of cervical cancer. She is having surgery next week, and thanks to your giving, DLM is able to cover her surgery!

Jeffrey's Visits

  • Jeffrey has come to visit me a few times.

  • He has grown so much!!

  • I bought him a new bicycle. He was so surprised and excited!!!!!

  • He rides about 15 miles one way when coming to see me!

Shadow Lynn, America, and Uganda

  • I have one dog, Shadow Lynn, and two cats named America and Uganda.

  • Yes, they are all super spoiled :)

  • Shadow Lynn is very protective and rarely leaves my side!

  • America LOVES to be right beside Shadow Lynn. Though Shadow Lynn isn't very fond of him. HaHa!

  • They keep me company along with my housekeeper and guards!!

Prayer Needs

  • Please be in prayer for my housekeeper's mother who is having surgery for the cervical cancer next week!

  • Pray that my housekeeper and guards continue to learn more about the case for Jesus.

  • Also that God will continue to protect us.

We are so thankful for all who give to DLM. God is using you to be a blessing to many!! We can't thank you all enough. Much love!!! Cierra

If God leads you to become a part of what He is doing in Uganda through Delight in the Lord Ministries (DLM), you can make tax-deductible donations through PayPal or to our address PO Box 183 Brooklet, GA 30415

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