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DLM Newsletter April 2024

Monday, April 1, 2024

I traveled into Kampala again on Monday to meet with the Bible study kids. Uganda celebrates the Monday after Easter as a public holiday - Easter Monday. We were supposed to meet for Bible study from 11 am to 2 pm. However, rainy season is upon us, and it rained non-stop from morning up to 1 pm. Mama Fab was there on time and two other Bible study kids came before noon just after the rain had lightened up a bit. Another Bible study kid came at 1 pm. So we started a little after 1 pm and finished when it was coming to 3 pm. We talked about Jesus appearing to the two men on their walk to Emmaus. We played a little Bingo, and then they enjoyed their snack and soda. We will continue to talk about Jesus appearing to people after His resurrection and before His ascension in the coming Sunday sessions. 

We reached home a little after 5 pm. Galen, Gabe, and I did some weeding and planting lettuce seeds! They call them “ladies”. 😃 Galen is already asking if our maize (corn) that we planted Saturday is already grown. I told him it will take two weeks to start sprouting as the package said. He replied, “So tomorrow they will be grown?”. Haha! Then he asked how long was two weeks! They are both so funny!!

Thursday, April 4, 2024

I left for Kampala at 7:50 am with Sam driving. We dropped off Galen and Gabe at school on the way out. We reached Kampala at 10:20 am. I had to fix an issue with my cell phone network provider which took almost an hour. 

After leaving the cell phone provider, I went to one of the larger hospitals where one of our sponsor children, Henry, has been admitted. I sent him to the local clinic last Thursday for treatment. He became worse Monday night so I sent him to a bigger local clinic that’s still close by. They called me Tuesday saying they wanted to refer him to one of the bigger hospitals in Kampala because he was very sick. The doctors determined that he has pneumonia plus some kidney damage, though they aren’t sure to what extent or what caused it. The doctors are still doing investigations into it while continuing to stabilize him. He is extremely swollen from the kidney problems. I gave his mom some money to buy food and water for him while in the hospital. We thanked God for people who give to DLM so we can help in these ways to bless many families. Henry said he was feeling better and was fine! Obviously he’s not completely fine, but it was nice to hear him say he was better. I prayed, and we all praised God for His provisions and trust Him for continued healing for Henry. 

I stopped by to see Sandra on the way home. She is continuing to do her stretches and exercises and seems to be eating more these days, which is great! Sandra, her mom, her sister, and I were again thanking God for His mercy and healing for Sandra. 

Glory be to God Alone!

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Today was a long but blessed day! I left the house driving at 6:45 am. I reached the hospital in Kampala at 9 am to check on Henry. The swelling is decreasing, and he is improving. The pneumonia seems to be under control now, as well. I talked to the doctor, and the plan is to do a couple more tests on the urine today before deciding when to discharge him. What a praise that He has improved!! I didn’t stay long at the hospital, though, but I left him a book to read until I see him again! 

As soon as I left the hospital around 9:40 am, I rushed to the mall which is only down the road from the hospital to buy some groceries while I was in Kampala. After leaving the mall at 10:25 am, I went to Kabowa to pick up Mama Fab, Fab, and Matthew to go to church, which starts at 11 am. We went to church and were blessed to hear another Biblical sermon and time of worship!! We left church at 1 pm and drove back to Kabowa for Bible study. The Bible study kids are also boarding at the school, so when we reached, they were about to eat lunch. We started Bible study at 2 pm with some heads up, seven up. We proceeded with a prayer and then read the Bible passage of Jesus appearing to some of the disciples by the Sea of Galilee after His resurrection. We also read the passages of the Great Commission which Jesus gave to the disciples during this time period before His ascension, as well. We ended with prayer and a snack! 

A sponsor child’s mom had traveled far to come talk with me about her child. When I asked where she came from, she named a town that I always pass coming and going to Kampala from my house. I offered her a lift (ride) back home to save on her transport. She was thankful! We left the school close to 5 pm. 

I stopped at KFC on the way home. A couple months back, I saw the first drive thru restaurant that I had ever seen in Uganda. It was a KFC in another part of Kampala. I was so amazed and surprised to see this and had been wanting to experience it! Last week, I realized there was also a new KFC with a drive through leaving Kampala on the road I take home. So I decided to stop and try it today!!! It was so cool! The mom asked me if I felt at home, and I most certainly did!! 😂 It was great! 

I dropped the mom on the way and reached home about 7:15 pm. 

I’m thankful for the safe traveling mercies that He provided today and the time with the kids reading the Bible together. I love them all so very much! They always pray and thank the Lord for those who give and support DLM which allow them to have Bible study along with their snacks, files with papers, and Bibles. Glory to God always!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Yesterday and today were filled with gardening. I spent 4 hours weeding my small garden yesterday. There is mostly maize and lettuce growing there. Today, Galen helped me while I cleared some grass from another spot on the other side of the property for planting zucchini and cucumber. The soil is so fertile and with it being rainy season, crops are growing so fast! The American package said the maize would take two weeks to sprout, but at one week, the plants have already pushed through the soil. So amazing! This is community outreach work because I will be sharing the extra produce with others when the time comes! My Grandma Lynn and my Granddaddy would be so proud of my gardening work! 😄

Friday, April 12, 2024

Today, Galen was able to say his memory verse that he’s been learning for some weeks now!! Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” He got a sticker in his book and a piece of chocolate. 

Gabe also continues to practice Genesis 1:1. Listen to him practicing on Monday and then again today. It’s hard for a two year old! Haha! But we are called to teach them. 

Deuteronomy 31:12-13 states, “Assemble the people, men, women, and little ones, and the sojourner within your towns, that they may hear and learn to fear the Lord your God, and be careful to do all the words of this law, and that their children, who have not known it, may hear and learn to fear the Lord your God, as long as you live in the land that you are going over the Jordan to possess.”

So let’s not get discouraged when the littles don’t get it quickly. It takes time, and what a blessing it is to be able to teach them these truths!! The Lord will surely work in their hearts through His word!

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Today, I left home at 6:45 am. It was storming so I really wanted to sleep in. I had to remind myself of 1 Thessalonians 5:18 that says, “In everything give thanks.”. I was thankful I had the opportunity to go to a church that teaches the truth and to have Bible study with the kids. Of course when we are thankful for and count our blessings, our heart changes!! 

I reached Kampala at 8:40 am and went to the mall. I don’t eat at restaurants during the week because really there is only one or two here in the village area. So on Sundays, I like to enjoy restaurants in town. I ate some creme brûlée and a breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans, and some bread. I didn’t eat all the bread or the sausage so I took it for Mama Fab and Matthew to enjoy. After a delicious breakfast, I went shopping for household items and groceries. 

I left the mall and went to pick up Mama Fab and Matthew to go to church. After church, we went to the school and had Bible study. The kids played heads up, seven up and bingo. We listened to some songs including Shaii Linn’s version of Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress”.  Then, we read about Jesus’s ascension into heaven in the New Testament and two references in the Old Testament to His ascension, as well. Lastly, the kids enjoyed their snack and soda. A child always prays to begin and end our Bible study in which there is always a thanks to God for those who support DLM so we can have Bible Study! Glory to the Lord!

I left at 5:15 pm and ran through the KFC drive thru on the way home. I reached home safely at 7:20 pm when it was coming to dark. It was a blessed day, and despite the busyness of Sundays, I always look forward to those days with the kids. I long for the day, God willing, when the kids will be on the property at the boarding school, and I can meet with them daily!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

I left the house today at 7:15 am heading to Kampala for Henry’s follow up appointment after having been in the hospital for a week. He was discharged last Tuesday. I didn’t reach the hospital until 10 am where Henry and his mother were waiting on me. 

Here in Uganda, many healthcare facilities don’t go by appointment times. It’s usually first come, first serve. You typically will have your name put in a queue (line). Most times, I like not having specific appointment times because there is flexibility. However, today was one of the days that I miss having appointment times like in America. We waited from 10 am to noon, two hours, before the kidney specialist even began seeing patients. We were number 11 in the queue. Finally, at 4:30 pm, we were called back. SIX and a HALF hours of waiting. I laid down on the floor and took a nap. Henry dozed lying on his mother, and the mother also dozed sitting up! Haha! We were all so very tired. 

Thankfully, we received a good report. The doctor suspects either malaria or a bacterial infection caused disturbances to the kidney. Before leaving the hospital, we received Henry’s lab report, which was much better. We will return in five weeks to have new labs drawn and see the specialist again to continue watching for any other kidney problems. 

We left the hospital at 5 pm, and I reached home at 7:30 pm. We continue to thank God for His blessings!!

Thursday, April 18, 2024

The construction of the roof for the kitchen/cafeteria started Tuesday!! It’s so awesome to continue to see progress of Delight in the Lord Primary Boarding School. I truly thank the Lord for His blessings upon DLM and me!

Sunday, April 21, 2024

I left at 7:20 am with Sam driving this morning. We arrived in Kampala at the mall at 9:30 am where I did some grocery shopping. We picked up Mama Fab, Matthew, and Nakato, another Bible study child, to go to church. After church, we went back to the school in Kabowa for Bible study. Because these kids at this school are now on holidays, not many children came to Bible study. The last day of the first term for this school was Friday. There were 12 kids today, so we still had a good number. Three of those kids are secondary school children who live near and attend day school. I plan to go through the book of Acts with the kids to look at Paul’s missionary journeys and to learn about the early church.   We read up to chapter 4 today which included Peter teaching the gospel, miraculous healings, and Peter and John being put in prison overnight. I love reading God’s word and learning together with these kids! It’s such a joy and a blessing and privilege to have this opportunity to pour into them!! The Bible study ended with a snack and soda. We left the school at 4:30 pm. We didn’t reach home until 7:25 pm due to a road being closed forcing us to take a back, dirt road. I’m thankful we reached back safely!

Glory to God Alone!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Today, some of the community ladies came to dig and plant some crops in the compound. We want to use the fertile ground God has blessed us with and grow things to enjoy and share with others! The ladies are appreciative to have a job for this project. They will plant maize, white sweet potatoes, beans, and peanuts. 

I have my small garden with sweet corn from America and lettuce, as well as some zucchini. The weeds grow too fast! Haha! It’s so fun watching the plants grow, as they are also growing fast!! We thank the Lord for His providence in providing food from the land! 

The road work took a break for a bit but has resumed this week. They are digging trenches on the sides of the road leading to the ministry home for water drainage. 

Also, the roofing team has worked so quickly with both the kitchen/cafeteria and visitors’ building. They should be finished by next week, and then they will put the iron sheets up. It’s so exciting to see!

Glory to God Alone!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Some of the secondary sponsor kids finished their first term and were picked up from school on Thursday, April 25th. A driver went and picked up the students and brought them to Kabowa where they each went to their own homes. These students report back for second term on Monday, May 20th.

The other group of secondary students will finish on Friday, May 3rd. Schools are able to choose their own starting and ending times per the term.

Arnold, one of our secondary kids, came to my home the next day to stay with me during the holiday time. He has been helping me in the garden. We weeded this whole area around some maize that was planted a couple months ago. Arnold is digging up cassava for one of his meals. He washed, cut and boiled the cassava for a hearty meal. Cassava is a root vegetable like a potato and is a good source of carbohydrates.

The other vegetables I planted are growing nicely... the zucchini, sweet corn, lettuce, and potatoes. The squash, watermelon, green beans, and okra are starting to sprout. We are still waiting on the broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers to sprout. We have dried out some red, green, and yellow pepper seeds and will plant those soon. We are also beginning to see new roots on our onion and hope to plant it soon, as well.


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