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DLM Newsletter February 2022

Tuesday, February 1, was such an awesome day! I was blessed to visit the school and see the children, some of which I haven’t seen in two years! I was there from 6:45 am to 12:30 pm making sure all of the kids were measured for their new uniforms. We also had to trace feet for those children who needed new shoes. Time was also spent with the school director figuring out total costs for tuition, lunch, and uniforms. It was a busy but productive day! Praise the Lord for His provisions.

Shout out to Brian Epechu! Brian is on the DLM Board in Uganda and is a vital part of this ministry! God has blessed us with Brian’s knowledge, wisdom and guidance. One of his favorite American gifts of appreciation is a box of Whitman’s

chocolates. With only a few days before my return to Uganda, I searched Amazon

for this particular box of chocolates that mom has purchased for Brian in the

past. Little did I know the box of chocolates I picked out was as big as a large suitcase!

Week of February 7

On Monday, I spent most of the day in the capital submitting documents for our NGO but did find time to drop by the school to greet the children.

On Tuesday, I completed some handwritten letters to be mailed to the USA and other administrative work.

For the rest of the week I remained in bed for the most part of those days.

Some ministry weeks are much busier than others. This week was a much slower week, and I am always thankful for days of rest and recovery!

Upon arrival in Uganda at the end of January, I tested positive for Covid. I had no symptoms at all and would not have known that I had the virus if I had not been required to test upon arrival at the airport. I tested negative two days before my flight from the US. I was mostly fatigued and even last week the fatigue came again. I anticipate the fatigue may last another week or even longer.

On Saturday, I spent a few hours at the school working with the children on notes for their sponsors. Almost all of our sponsor kids showed up on Saturday to write letters to their sponsors, which is great!

After going to church on Sunday, I headed over to the school for our first day back doing Bible Study with the now 7th grade children at the school. This is the best part of the ministry....teaching these kids the Truths so they can be disciples for Christ! Our first day back was mostly reviewing what we learned last year considering we haven't met since May 2021. We played heads up seven up and had a snack, of course. We’ll jump back into our normal routine with the next set of Bible truths, questions, Bible verses and songs next week.

Week of February 14

On Monday, Mama Fab and I were able to give out new shoes to many of the sponsored children. I was also able to take individual pictures of 69 of our sponsor kids!

The Lord provided an opportunity for me to encourage the middle school age girls in a discussion of sexual purity as they become young ladies. I stressed the importance of glorifying God with the body He has given us. It was a special time and a blessing to talk with them.

God is always so good! Thank you to everyone who supports this ministry!!! These children are receiving so many blessings because of your generous donations that allow me to work here in Uganda!

On Sunday afternoon, I was able to meet the 7th graders for Bible study. It was from 1:30-4:00 today. We played our usual heads up seven up game. We sang a couple of songs and researched answers to questions from our Bibles. They also learned the word regeneration- a changing of the heart and how the Holy Spirit alone can do that. We also continued to talk about being obedient to God so we can give Him glory, which is our purpose in life. We finished up with a snack. It’s always a great time with my “babies” learning more about the Lord and His grace towards us!

Week of February 21

Unlike what I thought, last week’s fatigue was not due to having Covid a couple weeks ago, it was actually the onset of typhoid. Thankfully, I didn’t have bad symptoms, just fatigued. I’m very thankful for many days to rest and recover. I had 4 days of IV injections this past week. If you heard me speak, you know about home visits! Check out the medicine bottle hanging in the tree branch.

On Thursday, I went to the school to give out reusable pads to our older girls. Thankfully, the ministry was able to buy these for the girls to try. One of the girls last week asked me about them, which led to me buying them for the girls.

Fencing Project

The fencing project has begun!

A team of workers has been onsite at the land since February 3, 2022. During the first couple of days, the team leveled the access road a bit as well as parts of the perimeter to prepare for the fencing. The next few days were spent clearing an area of the land for a temporary structure for materials.

The concrete guy arrived on the site on Wednesday, February 8th to begin making the concrete poles for the fencing. The construction team has been busy for the past two weeks making approximately 800 concrete poles needed for the fencing project. We are so thankful for their hard work and dedication. We are making progress towards enclosing the 17 acres that God has blessed us with. We give Him all the glory!! Stay tuned for more updates on the progress!

On Friday, I went to the school to finish paying the total school fees including lunch and uniforms for the kids. It just so happened to be the day the kids were campaigning for positions in their class such as head boy or girl or head monitor. They were very funny in their promises to secure votes from their fellow students! They promised candy, book covers, chalk board dusters (erasers), and even to improve the bathrooms for the boys!

The highlight of my week is always our weekly Bible study! After attending morning worship at my church, I head over to the school to meet the children. I am so thankful to be learning the foundations of Christian doctrine while teaching these students.

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