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DLM's Weekly Adventures!

Monday, March 12th While at the school this morning, a little boy ran into a teacher who was holding a cup of hot tea. Needless to say, it burnt him. Thankfully, God helped me remember to pour cool water on the burn for about 15 min. Then, I took him to the nearby clinic where he received an injection, burn cream, and tablets for pain.

After returning to the school, I read the story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho to one of the classes. I explained to them that we need to obey and trust God like Joshua did. Another sweet sponsor child brought me bananas from his mother today as a thank you!

Tuesday, March 13th Tuesday is Women’s Outreach, and we had 13! Today, they were extremely joyful because they received a sweet gift...the Journey Sunday School class at FBC decorated bags for the women, Mrs. Ashley Galo gave lotions and chapsticks through Avon, and Mrs. Canty gave other Avon samples.

They LOVED it as you can see in the pictures!!! The children also started ringworm cream today!

Wednesday, March 14th Woke up to a beautiful morning with no rain! I was able to take a Boda Boda into town to take care of administrative business. God’s faithfulness was shown once again as a guy at one of the offices was able to help resolve my issue. That’s my “happy and praising Jesus” face. Thankfully, I made it home from town before it began to rain. My afternoon was complete with a walk with my sidekick, Shadow!

Thursday, March 15th Woke up to a rainy morning, but today was HIV testing day. So, off to Kabowa I went! 128 kids were tested, and NONE of them tested positive. Praise the Lord!! God is always good. And it’s Shadow Lynn’s 2nd birthday!

Friday, March 16th This morning, I took Joshua to the eye doctor. He had never been to an eye doctor before or taken a lift (elevator) at 17 years old. We found out he needs glasses for reading and at school, so we ordered those for a price of....only $36 for the frame and prescription lens!! We praised God for the opportunity that he has because of God and this ministry that you all pour into so graciously!! We thank YOU! Also, the boy who was burned Monday is doing better. He assured me he has been applying the cream and that it doesn’t hurt. On my walk with Shadow Lynn this evening, a small, stray dog came up to us. It kept following us and every time we walked away from it, it ended up running back to us. They even made me fall when they were trying to play. The dog followed us right into our compound. It ate some food, and the guard and I gave it a bath. Tomorrow, I plan on taking him to the animal shelter in town that takes in stray animals for people to adopt. It just broke my heart, and I couldn’t leave it there!

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