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DLM Newsletter April 2022

April 2

I am so excited to show you the freshly, graded land. Jump in the taxi with me, Brian (DLM partner), and Abraham (architect) and let us take you there!

April 10

Happy Palm Sunday!

Today in Bible study the children shaded a picture of the Passover taken from Exodus 12:22.

We then read Matthew 21:1-11 about Jesus entering Jerusalem. The kids are on holiday, so I’m excited to be meeting them most every day this week for Holy Week!

April 12

We counted our blessings yesterday and today during this Holy Week. Yesterday we discussed Jesus throwing the money changers out of the temple. Because so many events happened from the last supper to the crucifixion, we moved to the trial process that Jesus went through. We took the time to look in each of the Gospels to see different accounts of the process. John is the only Gospel that mentions Jesus going to Annas before Caiaphas, and Luke is the only Gospel that tells of Pilate sending Jesus to Herod Antipas, before He’s sent back to Pilate. Thankful for God’s Word and the different accounts. Because the kids are on holiday from school for a few weeks, the group has been small but so sweet. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities in Bible study the rest of the week!

April 15

I spent this Good Friday with the Bible study kids from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our Bible lesson today was about Jesus’s death on the cross. We thanked Him for suffering the punishment due to our sins! Then, as usual the children enjoyed a snack. Finally, we packed plastic bags of rice, sugar, and soap. Tomorrow we will distribute these items in a local area in the community. The local officials have been very helpful in determining the families in most need. We will also share about the true meaning of Easter with the families.

Mama Fab bought two 50kg sacks of sugar and four 25kg sacks of rice. The children measured out about 1kg equivalent to 2 cups of sugar and filled a small plastic bag. They did the same for the rice. Other children tied the little plastic bags. A couple of boys cut large soap bars into halves. Other children packed a larger plastic bag with the one small bag of rice, one small bag of sugar and half a bar of this large soap. We loaded them into my car in preparation for passing them out tomorrow. It’s been a great day. All glory to God!

April 16 I am so, so proud of my Bible study babies today! Yesterday, we packaged bags to hand out to those in need. Today, we were able to hand out 100 bags filled with 1kg of sugar, 1kg of rice, and a bar of soap. We prayed beforehand that God would use our unworthy efforts to glorify His name! We were able to share the meaning of Easter, and that we pray for our hearts to be changed to become more like Jesus!

April 20

On Easter Sunday, I attended my church and also brought Sisco, Galen and Gabe along with me. After church service, I met with a couple of kids for Bible study and discussed the empty tomb. We praised God for the Resurrection. Now, we are beginning to talk about the appearances Jesus made after His resurrection. Glory to God alone!

Mama Fab prepared a Ugandan meal for us to enjoy. Those kids who met for Bible study joined us for the meal. We even had cake to celebrate Easter Sunday.

April 26

Fencing process continues! To God be the glory!

April 27

I went with my pregnant friend to an international hospital here in Kampala, the capital, for a checkup. The total cost for the visit, blood work, ultrasound, and some vitamins was just under $100. The baby girl showed her face well during the ultrasound. We praise the Lord for the health of both the baby and my friend. To God be the glory!


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